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Best Pre-Workout Without Artificial Sweeteners [2023 Review]

I know how tough picking the right pre-workout supplement can be, especially if you’re trying to buy one without artificial sweeteners. If you haven’t experienced this yet, your first attempt to buy pre-workouts would be an eye-opener.

After buying some bad products in my early days, I’ve explored and researched pre-workouts without artificial sweeteners over the years. This has helped me identify some of the best products on the market based on their constituents.

My goal in this article is to expatiate what makes these products good in their own right while applying the baseline of only products that are missing artificial sweeteners. I also want to help you learn how to make better-informed choices from here on out.

Our Top Pre-workout Without Artificial Sweeteners Recommendations

Selecting a pre-workout supplement without artificial sweeteners can offer distinct advantages. First, some people might be sensitive to or allergic to some of these additives, which could cause digestive discomfort or other adverse reactions. You can avoid these problems while still enjoying the supplement’s effects by selecting a version without artificial sweeteners.

Additionally, some people avoid artificial sweeteners because they worry about possible long-term health effects. Even though there are ongoing discussions about their safety, choosing a pre-workout complex without artificial sweeteners offers a comforting option if you prefer a more natural dietary approach.

Finally, pre-workout supplements without artificial sweeteners frequently have a more natural flavor without an artificial aftertaste. This could improve the supplement’s palatability and make it a more enjoyable addition to your pre-workout regimen.

Best Pre-Workout Without Artificial Sweeteners

Transparent Labs Lean Pre-Workout
Transparent Labs Lean Pre-Workout
ALTIUS Pre-Workout Supplement - Naturally Sweetened
Jacked Factory Altius Pre Workout
Transparent Labs Stimulant Free Pre-Workout
Transparent Labs Stim-Free Pre Workout
NAKED nutrition Naked Energy - Pure Pre Workout Powder for Men and Women
Naked Nutrition Naked Energy
Do Vitamins PurePump - All-Natural Clean Pre-Workout Powder
Do Vitamins PurePump

Best Pre-Workout Without Artificial Sweeteners

Our Top Pre-workout Without Artificial Sweeteners Recommendations


Best Overall Pre-Workout Without Artificial Sweeteners: Transparent Labs Lean

Transparent Labs offers an appealing option if you are a fitness enthusiast looking for a pre-workout supplement without artificial sweeteners. The meticulously designed Lean-Pre Workout formula provides a well-balanced mix of energy, endurance, and support for fat loss. Your ability to make educated decisions about your consumption is guaranteed by its transparent ingredient labeling. 

The Lean Pre-Work contains 210 mg of caffeine, a moderate amount compared to Altius Pre-Workout and Stim-Free Pre-Workout. L-theanine, which reduces any caffeine-related shakes, complements the balanced caffeine level to boost energy without causing jitteriness. Notably, betaine, sourced from beets, increases muscle endurance, enhancing the potential advantages. This pre-workout is free of fillers, preservatives, and gluten, making it a pure and effective supplement.

Lean Pre-Workout, like the other pre-workouts on this list, uses Stevia rather than sucralose for sweetness, making it free of artificial sweeteners and sugar. The downside is that you may experience a somewhat bitter taste or aftertaste. If you place a high priority on clean supplementation, you will find this a fair compromise. 

Transparent Labs Lean Pre-Workout offers a perfect alternative if the thought of high-caffeine pre-workouts makes you feel overstimulated and agitated, yet you still need an effective boost. Its meticulous formulation achieves a harmonious balance while maximizing your workout by utilizing the power of caffeine and other constituents.


  • The combination of ingredients gives you plenty of energy without a crash.
  • Available in 9 flavors, providing different options to enjoy.
  • Transparent Labs’ dedication to full ingredient disclosure fosters trust.


  • The flavor may not be as appealing to everyone as other options, as it has been reported to taste bitter.
  • The price may seem a little on the high side compared to this list’s alternatives.

Best Pre-Workout Without Artificial Sweeteners for Intense Workouts: Jacked Factory Altius

Jacked Factory’s Altius Pre Workout is a strong contender for the best overall pre-workout supplement without artificial sweeteners. This potent combination boosts stamina, power, and concentration, making it an invaluable aid for strenuous workouts. A notable benefit of the properly dosed ingredient profile is that it has been reported to increase exercise session endurance significantly.

The Altius Pre Workout by Jacked Factory contains 325 mg of strong caffeine, the most of any product on our list. This product’s high caffeine content stimulates increased energy and improved focus while exercising. The formulation boasts a scientific basis, with ingredients supported by research precisely dosed for maximum effectiveness.

Altius is free of food dyes, which aligns with the company’s commitment to safer supplementation. Adding premium L-citrulline malate, which promotes better blood flow and more pronounced muscle pumps, is a standout feature.

Altius provides a sugar-free and additive-free experience. It has earned the highest recommendation for pre-workouts with a significant caffeine kick without artificial sweeteners relative to other products on our list. L-citrulline malate improves overall workout performance while also helping muscles look bigger. This pre-workout can, however, be improved by upping the Alpha-GPC dosage to 600 mg and including L-Tyrosine to strengthen the focus-enhancing properties even more.


  • A comprehensive combination of ingredients boosts both physical and mental performance.
  • Provides intense pumps to help you lift weights and get more out of your workouts.
  • Users’ reports of increased endurance point to the product’s effectiveness.


  • Altius Pre Workout is only available in one flavor, Mixed Berry Blast, which may be a drawback for those who prefer other flavors.
  • The higher caffeine content may be overpowering for those sensitive to stimulants.

Best Caffeine-Free Pre-Workout Without Artificial Sweeteners: Transparent Labs Stim-Free

With their Stim-Free Pre Workout, Transparent Labs caters to the needs of people who are sensitive to caffeine. The Stim-Free Pre-Workout is marketed as a great option for people looking for a pre-workout without caffeine and artificial sweeteners. This formula focuses on increasing endurance and muscle pumps without using these components. For those who want to avoid stimulants or work out in the evening, the absence of caffeine also offers much-needed flexibility.

This alternative formulation purposefully highlights the inclusion of Betaine, just like the Transparent Labs – Lean Pre-Workout and Creatine, a recognized muscle energy booster. These powerful substances are known to improve power output and overall workout performance.

This ingredient selection minimizes potential interference because caffeine may interfere with creatine absorption in some pre-workout supplements. Another noteworthy component in this blend is taurine, which contributes to better concentration and faster recovery times.

For those sensitive to caffeine or who prefer supplements without stimulants, Transparent Labs Stim-Free Pre Workout offers the added benefit of Taurine for improved focus and recovery, along with precise ingredient dosages. Transparent Labs Stim-Free Pre Workout is the only pre-workout on our list without caffeine. Each ingredient is carefully dosed at clinically effective levels to ensure optimal utilization.


  • Caffeine-free formulation appeals to those who want a boost without the negative effects of caffeine.
  • Better muscle pumps result from increased blood flow during exercise.


  • Lacks the immediate energy boost that other pre-workout supplements offer because it does not contain caffeine.
  • Just like the Lean Pre-Workout from the same producers, its price is high.

Best Simple Pre-Workout Without Artificial Sweeteners: Naked Nutrition Naked Energy

Purity and simplicity are the hallmarks of Naked Energy by Naked Nutrition. This pre-workout supports energy and focus without artificial flavors, sweeteners, added sugars, or colors and has a minimal ingredient list to appeal to a wide audience. It is one of the most potent stimulant options, with 200mg of caffeine per serving, without causing excessive jitters or heart-related concerns. There is also a stimulant-free substitute for those who want the pre-workout advantages without caffeine.

Naked Energy takes pride in avoiding pointless fillers. Its ingredient list is short, consisting of just 10 ingredients—less than any other pre-workout on this list. It offers a simple and efficient pre-workout solution using high ingredient dosages, such as beta-alanine, l-arginine, and necessary vitamins. In comparison to pre-workouts like NutraBio’s Non-Artificial Pre-Workout, ingredient diversity may be limited.

It is important to remember that the supplement does contain creatine, albeit in a negligible 1g per serving. The benefits of creatine cannot be fully realized at this dosage. Taking 5g of creatine daily in addition to your pre-workout Naked Energy supplement is advised for best results.


  • The limited ingredient list fits preferences for a straightforward, uncomplicated supplement.
  • Natural ingredients are preferred by those who avoid artificial additives.


  • Limited ingredient use may imply that a component you want may be missing, making the product less than effective.
  • Energy boosting may be milder than pre-workouts with more complex ingredient combinations.

Best Flavorless Pre-Workout Without Artificial Sweeteners: Do Vitamins PurePump

Do Vitamins’ Pre-workout supplement from Vitamins are geared toward people looking for a simple yet powerful energy and focus boost without artificial sweeteners. Although the least creative ingredient combination on this list, it delivers on its promise to support workout performance without extraneous additives. The pre-workout supplement from Do Vitamins has something in common with the other products on our list: a dedication to a formula free of pointless fillers.

Various undesirable ingredients, such as salt, sugar, fructose, sucralose, aspartame, artificial colors, and sweeteners, are purposefully avoided in the pre-work. Instead, it prioritizes efficiency using essential components like beta-alanine, l-citrulline, and l-leucine. Despite having creatine, the supplement’s 1g serving size is insufficient to produce its full effects. Similar to Naked Energy, it is advised to take additional creatine supplements for best results.

It is important to emphasize that, almost like Transparent Labs’ Lean Pre-Workout, this product is entirely flavorless, with a taste described as “very bitter” because even natural sweeteners have been omitted. To lessen the bitterness, the brand suggests pairing it with citrus flavors or diluting it with a small amount of liquid. If you enjoy the pre-workout flavor, this might not go well with your tastes.


  • Does not use artificial ingredients to provide energy and focus enhancement.
  • Its simple formula may appeal to those who prefer a straightforward approach.


  • The choice of ingredients may not be as sophisticated as other pre-workouts like Lean Pre-Workout.
  • Compared to other pre-workouts on our list, taste, and flavor variety may be more constrained.

Features to Consider When Choosing a Pre-Workout Without Artificial Sweeteners

Choosing the best pre-workout supplement necessitates a practical approach considering a few important factors. Here is a simple guide to help you decide after researching:

Ingredients and Transparency

The ingredients are the bedrock of any pre-workout supplement. A trustworthy brand lays out its formula clearly and does not leave you in the dark like all the products on our list. Avoid products that have ambiguous “proprietary blends” that hide the dosages of individual ingredients. You can evaluate the potency of each ingredient and decide what you are consuming with the help of a transparent label.

Coffee flavored supplement placed on a tablespoon

Key components often include:

  • Caffeine is a well-known energy booster that improves alertness and focus. Consider your caffeine tolerance as well as the dosage of the product.
  • Creatine is well-known for its ability to build muscle and improve performance. It can help with strength gains and exercise output.
  • Beta-Alanine aids in fatigue reduction by buffering lactic acid buildup during intense workouts. This can result in increased endurance.
  • L-Citrulline Improves blood flow and muscle pumps during exercise by promoting vasodilation.
  • BCAAs (Branched-Chain Amino Acids) aid in muscle recovery and reduce muscle breakdown, especially during prolonged exercise.
  • Adaptogens During workouts, herbs like rhodiola and ashwagandha can help combat stress and improve resilience.

Performance Goals

Pre-workouts are designed to achieve specific goals, such as increasing energy, improving muscle pumps, or sharpening focus. Look for a product that will help you achieve your goals, such as Jacked Factory – Altius Pre Workout that facilitates muscle pumps. Caffeine and beta-alanine are important energy ingredients. Muscle pump enthusiasts can benefit from citrulline malate and nitric oxide boosters. Meanwhile, focus enhancers such as tyrosine and theanine cater to those who want to improve their mental acuity while working out.

Caffeine Tolerance and Sensitivity

Determine your caffeine tolerance and taste. While caffeine boosts energy, excessive consumption can cause jitters or crashes. Choose products with lower caffeine content or caffeine-free alternatives like the Transparent Labs – Stim-Free Pre-Workout if caffeine sensitive. Caffeine’s effects last for several hours, so consider your workout schedule.

Artificial Additives

Think about your position on artificial additives. Some pre-workout supplements use artificial sweeteners, colors, and flavors to improve taste and appearance. Although these additives are usually safe, if you favor a more natural approach, pick products without them. Natural flavors or ingredients like stevia might be more appealing. All the pre-workouts on our list use stevia instead of artificial sweeteners.

Taste and Palatability

Taste and palatability, while not the main factor in efficacy, can affect your adherence to a supplement regimen. Read user reviews to determine whether the product’s flavor suits your preferences. It’s crucial to keep in mind, though, that an unappealing taste does not automatically make a supplement less effective. Taste and ingredient quality must be balanced, as is present in products like Transparent Labs – Lean Pre-Workout and Naked Nutrition – Naked Energy.

Nutrient Timing and Workout Timing

The timing of your pre-workout intake affects its effectiveness. Fast-acting pre-workouts are perfect for those who need an extra push before going to the gym because they provide immediate energy boosts. Choose products made for longer, more reliable energy for sustained benefits throughout your workout, like the Jacked Factory – Altius Pre Workout. Match the supplement’s effects with the timing of your workout; a supplement that starts working when you need it can improve performance.

User Feedback and Reputation

Other people’s experiences can offer insightful perspectives. Read testimonials from people with similar fitness levels and aspirations. Their opinions can provide insight into the product’s efficacy, flavor, and possible side effects. Additionally, choose companies with a track record of producing high-quality products. Brands with a history of creating trustworthy and efficient supplements are likelier to deliver reliable outcomes, as you would find conversant with all the products on our list.

Man working out in a black mat

Personal Sensitivities

Pay attention to your body’s cues. Prioritize buying pre-workouts that do not contain ingredients that trigger your allergies or sensitivities. Your body may not respond well to certain ingredients, even if they are highly regarded in the fitness space. For this, you can review the products on our list to see which ingredients you’re sensitive to are missing.

Scientific Support

While some ingredients’ health benefits are well-supported by scientific research, others are not. Choose pre-workouts with ingredients that are effective in reliable research studies. Look for substances that improve performance, such as creatine (present in Transparent Labs – Stim-Free Pre-Workout and Do Vitamins – Pre-Workout Supplements), beta-alanine, and citrulline malate.

Healthcare Professionals’ Advice

Consult a healthcare provider before adding any new supplements to your regimen. They can evaluate your specific health situation, objectives, and any potential interactions with currently prescribed medications or medical conditions. Their advice ensures that your pre-workout is consistent with your overall health strategy.

CaffeineProprietary BlendsFlavors
Transparent Labs – Lean Pre-WorkoutYesNo9 flavors
Jacked Factory – Altius Pre WorkoutYesNo1 flavor
Transparent Labs – Stim-Free Pre-WorkoutNoNo6 flavors
Naked Nutrition – Naked EnergyYesNo6 flavors
Do Vitamins – Pre-Workout SupplementsYesNo2 flavors

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I Use a Pre-workout Supplement Even if I Am Not a Professional Athlete?

Yes, pre-workout supplements are made to help people of all fitness levels, from newbies to competitive athletes. Regardless of your skill level, these supplements are meant to improve your workout experience. They give you extra energy, mental clarity, and physical endurance, which is particularly useful when working out hard or lacking motivation.

Pre-workout supplements can be a useful addition to your regimen, whether your goals are to increase your performance, stamina or simply have more effective workouts.

How Do I Know if a Pre-workout Supplement Is Safe for My Allergies or Dietary Restrictions?

Examine a pre-workout supplement’s ingredient list and packaging carefully to ensure it’s safe for allergies or dietary needs. Reputable companies clearly label common allergens like nuts, dairy, soy, and gluten on their products. If you have particular dietary needs or restrictions, compare the ingredient list with them.

Some manufacturers also list thorough allergen details on their official websites. If you need clarification, contact the manufacturer’s customer service.

What Should I Consider if I Am Sensitive to Caffeine?

There are pre-workout options that suit you if you are sensitive to caffeine or would prefer to avoid it for some reason. Look for pre-workout supplements that don’t contain caffeine or other stimulants. These substitutes frequently concentrate on substances like BCAAs, adaptogens, and nitric oxide boosters to increase endurance and muscle pumps without the side effects of caffeine.

This qualifies them for evening workouts or those who want to avoid the negative effects of caffeine, such as jitters or sleep disturbances.

Is Stevia Natural?

Yes, stevia is a natural sweetener made from the leaves of the Stevia Rebaudiana plant. It has been used for centuries by indigenous populations in South America to sweeten food and drinks. Steviol glycosides, sweet substances in stevia leaves, are isolated during processing to create stevia extract.

Stevia is frequently used as a sugar substitute in various food and beverage products because it is thought to be a natural alternative to artificial sweeteners. It is generally considered safe and valued for its intensely sweet flavor when consumed in moderation.


Your choice of pre-workout wields transformative potential on your fitness journey. It is a journey that requires you to make the most informed decisions to pave the way to enhanced performance and achievements. Hopefully, this guide has clarified the best pre-workout for you if you want to avoid artificial sweeteners. 

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