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C4 Sport vs Ripped Sport

When choosing pre-workouts, it can take time to decide which is best. It can be even more complicated when they contain similar ingredients, as with C4 Sport and Ripped Sport.

Having used both pre-workouts, my team and I have looked at both pre-workouts in detail to see whether C4 Sport and Ripped Sport is the better option.

C4 Sport vs Ripped Sport

C4 Sport and C4 Ripped Sport are pre-workouts manufactured by Cellucor, one of the biggest names in the health and fitness industry, selling a range of products, including protein powder, fat burners, and pre-workouts.

Their pre-workouts are made using a blend of vitamins, minerals, and stimulants designed to help boost your training. Both are designed to boost energy levels, with C4 Sport designed to increase energy and focus, while C4 Ripped Sport is said to support fat loss.

Both pre-workouts are NSF Certified for athletes, which means they are safe for athletes to use before training and during events.

Overview of C4 Sport

Even though C4 Sport and Ripped Sport are pre-workouts, this does not necessarily mean they do the same things.

C4 Sport, for example, is claimed to:

Overview of Ripped Sport

Whereas C4 Ripped Sport is claimed to:

  • Delay the onset of fatigue
  • Increased nitric oxide levels
  • Increases energy expenditure while preserving lean muscle

Comparing C4 Sport and Ripped Sport

Both pre-workouts are very similar, coming from the same manufacturer and sharing many of the same ingredients. Let’s deeply dive into both supplements to see their similarities and differences.


These pre-workouts share many of the same ingredients, although some have been swapped in the C4 Ripped Sport blend, which is aimed more at those looking to burn fat.

Vitamins B6 and B12

These vitamins help to reduce tiredness and fatigue. They also help release energy.


Another ingredient that has been shown to release natural energy and help reduce fatigue.


This stimulant is one of the most common ingredients found in pre-workouts. As a stimulant, it has been shown to increase energy levels and improve focus while working out.

You should be aware that the caffeine amount in the Sport range of pre-workouts is less than the other pre-workouts sold by Cellucor, with just 135mg in its formula.

An average cup of coffee will contain 100mg of caffeine, compared to its Sport counterparts, the Original C4 includes 200mg.


Taking a supplement that contains beta-alanine may reduce the build-up of lactic acid in your muscles when you work out. This ingredient has been shown to increase carnosine levels within your body.


This amino acid has been shown to lower blood pressure and calm the nervous system.

Both pre-workouts come in a range of flavors. I tried the C4 Sport in the blue raspberry flavor and the Ripped Sport arctic snow cone flavor. They were both delicious, although there was a slightly synthetic aftertaste.

The powders themselves were very similar and mixed well when combined with water, and while there was a little residue floating, this was quickly resolved when stirring the mixture. As with most supplements, there is always a risk that you will encounter side effects, especially when stimulants like caffeine are involved.

Common side effects associated with pre-workouts include:

  • Headaches
  • Jitters
  • Cramping
  • Tingles or numbness
  • Insomnia
  • Anxiety

While both C4 Sport and Ripped Sport are safe when taken at the recommended dosage, it is recommended that you avoid using it if you are pregnant, breastfeeding, are a child or have an existing health condition.

Sucralose is present in both formulas, where it has been added to improve the flavor. Sucralose has been shown to change your gut microbiome by reducing good bacteria. This can lead to inflammation and other issues such as obesity and diabetes.

Both products are available from the official Cellucor website, Amazon, and many online stores. You will likely find these pre-workouts in your local grocery store and department stores.


While both supplements share several ingredients, the formula is not exact, as there are some key differences.

For instance, C4 Sport contains:


This nonessential amino acid is necessary for creating nitric oxide in your liver. An increase in nitric oxide will help transport essential nutrients to your muscles, helping to boost athletic performance.


Creatine is another popular ingredient that has been shown to offer a wide range of benefits, including improved recovery times, less cramping and dehydration, and improved athletic performance.

Man about to drink his pre workout supplement from a plastic tumbler

Ripped Sport does not have l-arginine or creatine; instead, it is replaced with citrulline malate, CLA, green coffee, and the weight loss ingredient DygloFit.

Citrulline Malate

It was shown to reduce muscle fatigue and soreness by promoting nitrogen waste removal from your body.


Conjugated linoleic acid (CLA) is a type of fat that is claimed to reduce body fat. Unfortunately, there is little scientific evidence to back up this claim.

Green Coffee

This is simply unroasted coffee beans, which, when consumed, have been shown to promote weight loss and fat loss in mice. Human studies could have been more impressive, with small sample sizes and short study durations.


This is the registered trademarked name for the dichrostachys glomerata fruit that has been shown to promote leptin production. Leptin is a hormone that sends signals to your brain telling it you are full.

If you are feeling full, you will not want to eat, and with fewer calories consumed, your chances of losing weight are better.

When to Use C4 Sport

If you want to increase muscular endurance and muscle pumps, opt for the C4 Sport option. It will give you the boost needed to give 100% in your training and during events.

When to Use Ripped Sport

While some of Ripped Sport’s ingredients are shown to boost energy along with other benefits, its fat-burning ingredients are a welcome addition that will help with your fat-loss efforts.

Which Pre-Workout is Better?

In truth, neither pre-workout is better than the other. They are both made using similar formulas. They taste great and are easily mixed. One of the best selling points is that they are both NSF Certified, making them ideal for athletes.

Final Verdict

Choosing between pre-workouts is difficult as they are similar, with almost identical ingredients.

What it comes down to is your own goals. If you are looking purely to boost energy levels and performance, then C4 Sport would be the better option. For those seeking extra help with their fat loss efforts, consider C4 Ripped Sport.

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