A woman wearing a black sports bra and gray and black leggings is making a protein shake on top of a white countertop

How to Make a Whey Protein Shake

Do you want to increase your strength and build more muscle? A whey protein shake is an ideal supplement to help you recover and gain lean muscle mass when following a bodybuilding or strength training routine. Therefore, understanding how to make a whey protein shake is essential to help you achieve your fitness goals. By learning how to properly mix your whey protein, and improve its flavor, you will be equipped to hit your daily protein intake needs and fuel your body for growth.

How to Make a Whey Protein Shake

Making a whey protein shake is easy and requires less time when you have all the needed equipment. From there, all you need to decide is what you want to mix your protein powder with to increase your daily protein intake.

For the most simple shake, the first step is to scoop your whey powder and mix it with milk or water. Next, mix the mixture using a shaker bottle or blender until the whey powder dissolves completely. That’s all! You can enjoy it as a post-workout recovery snack, or any convenient time during your day.

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The best thing about making your own whey shake is that you can customize it to your personal preference and taste. Aside from the basics above, you can add honey, agave, or pure maple syrup to add nutrients and additional flavor to your shake. You can also add nut butter, fruits, almonds, vanilla, oats or even chocolate to elevate the flavor. These ingredients add a great taste and nutrition to your whey shake.

Making a whey protein shake requires just a little planning and time to develop a great-tasting supplement that helps you hit all your macronutrient needs.

So if you want to make a whey protein mixture that helps you boost your protein intake and help your body repair and grow, follow this step-by-step guide when making your whey protein shake:

Step 1: Gather the Needed Materials

The first step is to ensure you have the materials by your side to make your work easier. You can purchase some of these materials from a supplement store, supermarket, or online. The materials include:

  • A blender (for thick mixtures) or mixer bottle with a whisk ball (ideal for non-creamy combinations)
  • Whey protein powder
  • Liquid (water, milk, or non-dairy milk such as oat milk)
  • Fruits and flavoring additions (berries, chocolate, vanilla, almond, or peanut butter)
  • Sweetener (honey, or maple syrup)

Step 2: Mix the Powder With Liquid

In this case, we will use milk (you can use other liquids such as water, juice, or non-dairy milk). Add your protein powder to the milk and pour the mixture into your blender. You can also use a mixer bottle (you’ll need vigorous shaking to ensure the powder dissolves in the milk) if not adding a lot of additional ingredients.

Next, blend your mixture at medium speed for about 20 to 30 seconds. The advantage of using a blender is that it creates a smoother texture and allows you to add other ingredients, such as fruits, almonds, and peanuts.

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Step 3: Add Other Ingredients

After blending the mixture, add other desired ingredients. These ingredients can include fruits, Greek yogurt, peanut butter, almonds, vanilla, chocolate, or even vegetables. Fruits and vegetables give you vitamins, while peanut butter and almonds add dietary fiber, protein, and magnesium. Chocolate and vanilla add flavor (this is a great idea if you are bored with your protein powders standard flavor).

Next, add the chosen ingredient to the blender and mix at a lower speed. Gradually increase the speed until you hear less crunchy noise. This is an indication that the ingredients have fully dissolved.

Step 4: Turn off the Blender and Taste

After blending your protein shake properly and everything has dissolved, turn off the blender and taste your mixture. Just grab a spoon and taste a scoop.  If the mixture is not well dissolved or needs additional ingredients, add those now, blend it again at a higher speed until everything dissolves appropriately.

People have different preferences. Some like a more watery protein shake, while others like a thick and creamy one. So, in this process, if you see that your shake isn’t as thick as you would like, you can add yogurt or a fruit puree to make it thicker. It is at this stage that you can add more sweeteners if you find your shake is on the bitter side. I love using honey, but any of your favorite sweeteners will do the trick. 

Step 5: Serve and Enjoy

After ensuring everything is okay, it is time to enjoy the fruit of your hard work. Pour the whey shake into a glass or travel bottle and enjoy immediately. You can enjoy it as a post-workout or a substitute for your daily meal.

If you are preparing your shake ahead of time, simply seal it in your travel bottle and store in the refrigerator until you are ready to consume.

Tips for Making a Great Protein Shake

A great tasting whey shake makes it so much easier to hit your daily protein needs. So if you are finding your protein shake is hard to swallow, simply try out some of the below tips to take your shake’s flavor to the next level.

  • Use a high-quality whey powder: Use a powder with fewer additives and a high protein content per serving.
  • Have an ideal liquid base: Dairy, water, juice, or non-dairy milk. The liquid base helps dissolve the powder, making it easy to drink. Remember that some liquids add calories and extra protein to the whey. So, be mindful of the liquid you are using so you can properly track your macros.
  • Add some flavor: This is an excellent way of customizing your whey. You can add fruits, vanilla extract, cocoa powder, or chocolate. Experiment with different combinations and you are sure to find something that you like.
  • Be mindful of the texture: Including ice or frozen fruit in your shake can help give it a thicker, creamier texture. I’ve found adding Greek yogurt and frozen fruit tastes amazing!
  • Consider using a blender: Using a blender to mix the powder allows you to come up with a smooth shake, unlike an ordinary shaker bottle. This is particularly true when you start adding a lot of thicker ingredients.
  • Consider timing: Consuming your whey shake within 30 minutes of your workout is best to help with muscle recovery.
A woman wearing a black sports bra and gray and black leggings is making a protein shake on top of a white countertop

Frequently Asked Questions

What Is the Correct Way to Use Whey Protein Powder?

The best way to use whey is as a pre or post-workout supplement. Whey helps your body repair and recover following intense strength training sessions. While there is plenty of debate about when the best time to take protein is, just make sure that you consume enough protein daily for your body to recover and build lean muscle mass.

What Is the Best Time to Take Whey Protein?

The best time to take whey is following a weight training session. But you can also take it in the morning with breakfast or at night before bedtime. While there may be some benefit to timing your protein intake, most individuals will be best suited by focusing on how much protein they consume, than when they consume it.

Is Whey Protein for Weight Gain?

Yes, it can aid in weight gain. Whey can aid in weight gain by promoting muscle growth (along with adequate calorie intake and a weight training program). Whey protein contains calories that help the body gain weight quickly when consumed beyond your TDEE.


Making whey protein shakes is an easy process that requires less effort to complete. It also gives you room to customize it to suit your preference. With proper steps, you can make a delicious and nutritious whey that will help you meet your fitness goals. Happy workouts!

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