ProSupps Mr HYDE Signature Pre Workout Supplement Review

ProSupps Mr HYDE Signature Pre Workout Supplement Review

Mr HYDE Signature Pre Workout is a supplement made and sold by ProSupps USA.

The affordable supplement promises to boost energy, focus, and endurance for better workout performance.

Do its results hold up to users’ expectations? 

ProSupps Mr. HYDE Signature Pre Workout Supplement—Key Takeaways

ProSupps Mr HYDE Signature Pre Workout Supplement Review
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  • The formulation of Mr. HYDE Signature Pre Workout powder includes the most important ingredients we look for, although the dosages are generally on the lower end of the range we expect. 
  • Additional ingredients, especially those that compliment the modest caffeine content, help the product achieve results like several hours of improved energy and no jitters or post-workout crash.  
  • Most users reported that Mr. HYDE Signature Pre Workout provides a middle-of-the-road level of pump at an unusually affordable price point, and we have to agree. It’s a great all-around workout that can be scaled when a more intense boost is needed. 

ProSupps Mr. HYDE Signature Pre Workout Supplement Review Score: 44/50

  • Flavor: 9/10

With three sweet flavors described as tasting like candy, this supplement has a superior taste compared to many pre-workout powders on the market. Some users have gone as far as calling Mr. HYDE Signature Pre Workout the “best-tasting pre on the planet.” 

  • Value: 10/10

As affordability goes, Mr. HYDE Signature Pre Workout is tough to beat. The non-discounted price when buying directly from the manufacturer is nearly 40% less than the average cost of a 30-day supply of pre-workout supplement powder. Purchased through Amazon, the price per dose is among the lowest on the market. 

  • Strength of formula: 7/10

The dosages of active ingredients like caffeine and beta-alanine are on the low end of our preferred range, and we would like to see more L-citrulline per dose. This formula isn’t the strongest out there, but for the right users, it delivers the perfect amount of pump. At this price point, you could take a double dose to get a more potent boost and still break even compared to the more expensive brands. 

  • Quality of ingredients: 9.5/10

Not only does Mr. HYDE Signature Pre Workout contain all of the most important ingredients we look for in a pre-workout powder, but the formulation is full of ingredients that complement these must-have components to boost their effectiveness. The transparent labeling and third-party quality testing can help users feel good about putting this supplement in their bodies.  

  • Experience: 8.5/10 

While a single scoop of Mr. HYDE Signature Pre Workout won’t give you the most extreme pump imaginable, most users experience a solid, noticeable boost in energy and endurance that lasts. The formulation includes ingredients that balance out the caffeine to reduce unwanted side effects. 

What Are the Benefits of ProSupps Mr. HYDE Signature Pre Workout Supplement?

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Manufacturer ProSupps promises benefits like improved mental focus, endurance and energy from its Mr. HYDE Signature Pre Workout supplement. The formulation is supposed to provide both rapid and sustained boosts in energy, so you don’t have to wait long to feel it start working, but the pump also won’t fade too quickly. 

The pre-workout powder is third-party tested for any banned substances that could get athletes in trouble with competitive sports leagues. 

Does It Actually Work?

Because different bodies are affected differently by the many different ingredients that can be found in pre-workout formulas, no supplement has a unanimous consensus. That said, Mr. HYDE Signature Pre Workout is a well-reviewed and highly-rated pre-workout supplement by those looking for something balanced rather than extreme. 

Most users report that the supplement’s effects meet or exceed their expectations. Some users experienced a boost in energy that, they reported, lasted “all day,” yet reviewers also noted—with relief—that the product didn’t keep them up at night as some high-stimulant formulations are prone to doing. 

“Just the right amount” of stimulation is how many fans of Mr. HYDE Signature Pre Workout describe the product and its effects. The lower dosage levels are enough to get users sweating and tingling and boost their performance and endurance without over-the-top effects that cause jitters, trouble sleeping, or a post-workout crash. 

If you’re interested in the most hardcore pre-workout product on the market, Mr. HYDE Signature Pre Workout probably isn’t right for you (unless you plan to stack its potency by taking a higher dose, as some users do). Of the few unfavorable reviews, most negative comments expressed that the results weren’t powerful enough. For a wide audience of users, though, the product provides a balanced boost at an excellent price point. 

ProSupps Mr. HYDE Signature Pre Workout Supplement Formulation

The formulation—both the ingredients themselves and their dosage amounts—is what makes a pre-workout supplement unique as well as effective. 

What’s in a Pre-Workout Supplement?

There are dozens of different ingredients that may make up a pre-workout supplement. The three ingredients we most want to see when assessing the quality of a pre-workout powder are the following. 


Caffeine is well-known for providing an energy boost and improving alertness, and it isn’t only effective in your morning coffee. 

This central nervous system stimulant gives you extra energy by binding to and blocking the receptors in the body that typically bind to a chemical called adenosine. In doing so, it produces effects like oxidizing fatty acid and causing the release of or simply promoting the natural stimulating effects of neurotransmitters like dopamine and glutamate. 

If you’ve ever had way too much coffee, it may not surprise you that caffeine is, technically, a psychoactive drug. It affects the mind and the body. 

When used to facilitate better workout performance, caffeine’s effects include increasing speed and muscular strength, improving muscle and aerobic endurance, and altering your perceptions of pain and fatigue while exercising. 

A good caffeine-based pre-workout supplement needs enough caffeine to give the user a considerable energy boost but not so much caffeine that it’s dangerous. Generally, we like to see a pre-workout powder contain caffeine in the range of 200 to 400 mg. 


The non-essential amino acid beta-alanine appears naturally in meat, but in low amounts. When you add its effects to your exercise routine by choosing a pre-workout powder that contains the ingredient, you can experience effects like decreased feelings of fatigue and better performance when doing high-intensity training. 

Beta-alanine is also the culprit behind the “tingling” feeling of your skin that can accompany pre-workout supplements. The technical term for this effect is paresthesia. Paresthesia is not considered to be harmful, although some people find the tingling feeling they personally experience severe enough to be uncomfortable or distracting. Most people report that the tingling sensation is concentrated in certain areas of the body, such as the neck, face and hands, according to Healthline


The third main ingredient we look for in a pre-workout supplement is L-citrulline. Pure L-citrulline is distinct from but related to citrulline malate, which is a blend of L-citrulline and malic acid. 

L-citrulline is another non-essential amino acid, but this one naturally occurs in watermelon. Known as a nitric oxide “booster,” the substance has been shown to enhance blood flow, allowing it to resupply blood to your muscles for better function and less fatigue. 

Our preference is for pre-workout supplements to include 6 to 8 g of pure L-citrulline or an equivalent dosage of citrulline malate (9 to 12 g, assuming a ratio of two-thirds L-citrulline to one-third malic acid). 

We focus first on these three ingredients because they are among the most widely studied (and found to be effective) ingredients out there. Other ingredients also have some reputation for improving workout performance but haven’t been studied as extensively or proven to be as effective as these three ingredients, but they are still worth noting.

The other ingredients we are most impressed when we see include: 

  • Creatine monohydrate, an amino acid compound that improves energy regeneration, recovery from hard training, and the gains made in the size and power of users’ muscles 
  • Dietary extracts that act as nitric oxide boosters, particularly red leaf spinach extract and beet root extract, that bring about effects like less fatigue and more blood flow. 

Now that we’ve broken down what we’re looking for in a pre-workout formulation, let’s dig into the ingredients and dosages you’ll find in the Mr. HYDE Signature Pre Workout supplement. 

ProSupps Mr. HYDE Signature Pre Workout Supplement Ingredients

ProSupps separates the Mr. HYDE Signature Pre Workout intro “matrices” depending on the primary function they support: strength, intensity, and stimulation. 

The only major ingredient not distinguished by matrix is niacin, a B vitamin known for its ability to transform nutrients from food into energy in the body. Mr. HYDE Pre Workout contains 14 mg of niacin. 

Strength Matrix

  • 2 g of beta-alanine, meeting our preferred dosage threshold, although on the low end.
  • 1 g of creatine monohydrate, the most effective form of creatine on the market. 
  • 500 mg of a 1:1 ratio of L-citrulline and L-aspartic acid—considerably less L-citrulline than we like to see in a pre-workout formulation, but it is in there.
  • 500 mg of Nitrosigine, a trademarked arginine silicate inositol supplement that—like L-citrulline—dilates the blood vessels to improve blood flow. In fact, some sources claim that Nitrosigine is more effective than citrulline, although an article published in the Journal of the International Society of Sports Nutrition in 2020 reported “no significant differences between the two supplements.”

Although we personally would like to see more L-citrulline, the ingredients that comprise the strength matrix of Mr. HYDE Pre Workout check off many of the boxes we’re looking for in a pre-workout powder. 

Intensity Matrix

  • 500 mg of choline bitartrate, a naturally occurring nutrient in the body that is also found in a variety of foods. While choline shares some similarities with B vitamins and is known to play an important part in brain functioning and the nervous system, the scientific evidence for taking choline supplements is limited, according to WebMD
  • 26 mg of L-Theanine, an amino acid that helps relieve anxiety without making you drowsy and, when taken with stimulants like caffeine, can help avoid negative side effects like feeling “jittery.”
  • 26 mg of N-Acetyl Tyrosine, an amino acid that facilitates the production of dopamine and norepinephrine, the neurotransmitters that help you maintain mood and alertness
  • 13 mg of Gamma-aminobutyric Acid (GABA), an amino acid that is made naturally in the body as well as found in foods like tea and vegetables. In the body, GABA acts as a neurotransmitter that can prevent seizures and anxiety by stopping the brain signals that give rise to them. However, researchers question whether GABA dietary supplements are able to cross what’s called the “blood-brain barrier” and affect the brain, according to the Cleveland Clinic.  

We’re impressed with some of the ingredients that make up Mr. HYDE Signature Pre Workout’s Intensity Matrix, particularly the L-theanine and N-Acetyl tyrosine. For other ingredients, the actual value they add is still unclear until more research findings on their benefits are available. 

Stimulatory Matrix

  • 169 mg of Caffeine Anhydrous, a form of caffeine that is derived from coffee plants.
  • 37 mg of Di-Caffeine Malate, a patented ingredient that consists of 75% caffeine and 25% malic acid.
  • 16 mg of TeaCrine, a trademarked compound made of 40% theacrine, a naturally occurring chemical that provides some effects similar to caffeine. While theacrine is technically not considered a stimulant, as caffeine is, it can help prolong the energy-boosting effects of caffeine and provide a natural boost to energy, mood, and focus. 

All told, the caffeine content for one dose of Mr. HYDE Signature Pre Workout is 196 mg. That’s a little shy of the low end of the range we like to see, but the inclusion of ingredients that work synergistically with caffeine, like theacrine and L-theanine, make up for the very slight shortfall. 

In addition to these active ingredients, the “other ingredients” listed on the product label include: 

  • Natural & Artificial Flavors
  • Soluble Dietary Fiber 
  • Citric Acid 
  • Calcium Silicate
  • Silicon Dioxide
  • Malic Acid
  • Sucralose 
  • Acesulfame Potassium 
  • FD&C Blue #1

One thing we love about the Mr. HYDE Signature Pre Workout is the transparency of the label. Unlike the proprietary blends that keep users guessing, you can be sure what you’re consuming and how much of each ingredient you’re taking per dose. 

We also like that Mr. HYDE Signature Pre Workout undergoes third-party quality assurance testing for hundreds of banned substances to achieve Informed-Choice certification. Too often, pre-workouts are found to contain substances that are banned in competitive sports but are not listed on the label, so the athlete has no idea they are breaking the rules until they get caught. Athletes on competitive sports teams can rest assured that this thoroughly tested product is acceptable for them. 

What Ingredients Are Missing From ProSupps Mr. HYDE Signature Pre Workout Supplement?

Of our preferred ingredients, the only things missing from Mr. HYDE Signature Pre Workout formulation are dietary nitric oxide boosters like red leaf spinach extract and beet root extract. We certainly wouldn’t call this omission a dealbreaker since the formula contains other ingredients, like Nitrosigine, that improve blood flow. 

If anything, the bigger issue than missing ingredients is a lower-than-desired amount of L-citrulline. 

Who’s It For?

No one pre-workout supplement can be everything to everyone, but Mr. HYDE Signature Pre Workout is a versatile choice that works for a broad audience of fitness enthusiasts. 

Who Should Use ProSupps Mr. HYDE Signature Pre Workout Supplement?

This product is suitable for anyone looking for a pre-workout supplement that includes ingredients like caffeine and beta-alanine. 

The balanced boost it provides makes it an excellent option for those new to fitness or to pre-workout supplements, but athletes and gym rats looking for a more potent pump can scale up their experience by taking a larger amount of the product. The versatility is one of the best aspects of Mr. HYDE Signature Pre Workout, according to manufacturer ProSupps. 

Those who are sensitive to caffeine are likely to appreciate the more balanced, low-dose formula that reduces jitters and feelings of being “tweaked out.” If you work out late in the day, this supplement is a good choice because it’s less likely to interfere with your sleep than other pre-workout powders with higher caffeine content. 

Athletes playing on competitive sports teams, in particular, can feel more at ease taking Mr. HYDE Signature Pre Workout over other pre-workout powders thanks to third-party testing for banned substances. 

Who Shouldn’t Use ProSupps Mr. HYDE Signature Pre Workout Supplement?

You should also discuss all supplement use with a doctor, especially if you have health issues or take any prescription or over-the-counter medication. Individuals who are pregnant or breastfeeding should not use this supplement.

Generally, minors shouldn’t use this or any other pre-workout supplement. 

If you cannot tolerate caffeine or if you have a health condition that may be adversely affected by caffeine, you should skip this and other pre-workout powders that include this ingredient. Users who experience adverse side effects when taking this supplement should stop taking it. 

Even if you have a strong tolerance for caffeine, it’s important not to take more than the recommended serving—two scoops per day—and to be aware of your caffeine content from other sources. 

Aside from the health-related concerns, you might not be the right audience for Mr. HYDE Signature Pre Workout if you want extreme results from your pre-workout supplement. You would have to take two doses (the maximum daily serving) of this pre-workout powder to equal the amount of caffeine in more potent formulations, like the Insane Labz Psychotic Pre-Workout supplement

However, since a double dose is generally safe to take (as long as you have no health issues that would preclude that amount of caffeine), taking a larger dose of Mr. HYDE Signature Pre Workout may be a cost-effective option, considering that this product is a considerably lower price point compared to many other options on the market. 

ProSupps Mr. HYDE Signature Pre Workout Supplement Flavor Review: How Does It Taste?

You’re not drinking a pre-workout supplement for the flavor, but the taste still matters. A pre-workout powder that tastes good will become part of your routine, while one that tastes terrible will discourage you from using it regularly and getting the full effect of its benefits. 

While some brands of pre-workout powders come in dozens of flavors, Mr. HYDE Signature Pre Workout currently comes in just three flavors: 

  • Blue Razz Popsicle 
  • Lollipop Punch
  • Watermelon

According to customer reviews, the best flavor of Mr. HYDE Signature Pre Workout appears to be the Blue Razz Popsicle. Users report that it tastes like a snow cone, a favorite popsicle from their childhood, or Kool-Aid. 

All of the flavors are consistently described as sweet. Some users report that the Watermelon flavor tastes like a watermelon Jolly Rancher, and fans of the Lollipop Punch flavor report that it is reminiscent of Tootsie Pop or Pixie Stix candies. Most reviewers reported that there was no noticeable aftertaste, although a small percentage of users disagreed. 

ProSupps Mr. HYDE Signature Pre Workout Supplement Price and Buying Options

A one-time, one-container purchase straight from the manufacturer amounts to $24.99 (list price) for a 30-dose supply. Buying in bulk—that is, two or more containers at a time—will save you an additional 15%, dropping the cost to around $21.24 per container. 

Find even better deals on Amazon, where the list price as of this writing is just $17.98 for the same 30-dose container. As with many other products, Amazon also offers its regular Subscribe & Save discount of 10% to 15%. 

When comparing the price and value of a pre-workout supplement, it’s always beneficial to look at the cost per dose. No matter where you buy it from or whether you’re able to take advantage of subscriber or bulk-purchase discounts, you’re likely to find a cost per dose for the Mr. HYDE Signature Pre Workout supplement that’s well under a dollar.

The list price on the manufacturer’s website amounts to $0.83 per dose without any discounts, while under Amazon’s purchase price, you would be paying $0.60 per dose. 

The Mr. HYDE Signature Pre Workout supplement is among the most affordable options on the market. 

The cost per dose of pre-workout powders across all brands ranges from a low of around $0.50 to a high of $2.25 or more. The cost per dose for the Mr. HYDE Signature Pre Workout supplement if purchased from Amazon is less than half of the $1.33 reported as the average across all pre-workout powders. 

Although savings on the cost per dose will add up over time, you’ll see a big difference in affordability from the very first purchase. The average price point for a pre-workout powder is around $39.99. Even if you buy directly from the manufacturer at the full single-purchase price, you’ll save $15 compared to buying the average (not high-end) pre-workout supplement. 

For what you get, we think ProSupps’ Mr. HYDE Signature Pre Workout is an excellent value.  

*Prices listed above are accurate as of October 2022

What Are the Side Effects of ProSupps Mr. HYDE Signature Pre Workout Supplement?

While all pre-workout supplements have the potential to produce side effects, most users report experiencing fewer side effects using Mr. HYDE Signature Pre Workout compared to other supplements. 

The side effects that may occur include: 

  • Tingling and paresthesia—a normal effect of beta-alanine—that may become uncomfortable for some users
  • Nervousness or jitters 
  • Irritability 
  • Difficulty sleeping 
  • Rapid heartbeat 
  • Sudden bowel movements

Most side effects from taking this and other pre-workout supplements are mild, temporary, and harmless. However, if you suffer serious side effects, seek medical attention. 

ProSupps Mr. HYDE Signature Pre Workout Supplement Pros and Cons


  • The clean, third-party tested formulation includes quality ingredients that enhance and balance out the effects of caffeine stimulants for fewer side effects and long-lasting energy without the crash.
  • The intentional lower strength of dosages offers a more modest boost in energy and performance for casual users while being scalable for fitness enthusiasts who need a more intense pump. 
  • The price point is well below average, putting this versatile pre-workout supplement within reach no matter your budget. 


  • For the most intense boost, you would need to use two scoops of powder (the maximum daily serving) instead of one. 
  • Even doubled, the amount of L-citrulline in this product is considerably lower than we like to see. 
  • Users with a high caffeine tolerance already may not experience much of a boost, at least from taking a single dose, since one scoop amounts to about the same amount of caffeine in two cups of coffee. 

Mr. HYDE Signature Pre Workout isn’t among the most powerful formulations on the market, but it’s a great option for those looking for a more modest boost that won’t give you the jitters and the crash that goes along with a high-caffeine supplement.

Overall, we really like this versatile, clean, third-party-tested pre-workout supplement, especially for the price point. 

ProSupps Mr HYDE Signature

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