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Best Bucked Up Flavors [2023 Review]

I know how stressful it can be to select a pre-workout product, down to the specific flavor. If you haven’t experienced this yet, you are likely to when you embark on your purchase experience. 

I used to have a hard time picking great flavors until I started trying several products over the years and researching the flavor profiles. Since then, I’ve been able to identify the best flavors from various supplement brands.

In this article, I aim to discuss three of the best Bucked Up flavors. This would facilitate your pre-workout flavor choice and teach you what to look out for when choosing a product on your own. 

Our Top Bucked-Up Flavors

DAS Labs entered the supplement industry in 2016 with their Deer Antler Velvet Spray IGF-1, a muscle recovery supplement that quickly gained traction. As their popularity grew, so did their selection of dietary supplements. They introduced Bucked Up pre-workout, a product that delivers a flavorful and effective formula, staying true to their thematic inspiration. The brand prioritized transparency by clearly labeling ingredients with dosages and committing to avoiding industry tricks like proprietary blends.

Today, Bucked Up offers 22 incredible flavor options for its pre-workout supplements. Here is a comprehensive review of 3 of the best Bucked Up flavors:

Woke Blood Raz flavored pre workout supplement
Best Overall Bucked Up Flavor
Blood Raz
Bucked Up Sour Gummy Pre Workout supplement
Best Intense Bucked Up Flavor
Sour Gummy
Bucked Up Pre Workout 6 Grams Citrulline
Best Fruity Bucked Up Flavor

Best Bucked Up Flavors [2023 Review]

Our Top Bucked-Up Flavors


Best Overall Bucked Up Flavor: Blood Raz

The Blood Raz flavor is a distinctive red raspberry flavor that is both flavorful and delicious. It has a tartness that is not overpowering and is balanced by a sweetness that is not overpowering. The flavor is light and refreshing, and it will appeal to fans of raspberry drinks.

The flavor profile is both straightforward and precise. The Blood Raz flavor is a celebration of the robust tang of raspberry. The first sip is met with a burst of tartness that quickly gives way to a subtle undercurrent of sweetness. However, it is not as sweet as the Watermelon flavor. This straightforwardness has advantages. This balance strikes a chord with those who are used to pushing their physical limits. It is bold without overpowering, which fits nicely with the supplement’s energy-boosting properties.

This is not your typical fruit punch. It simplifies the experience and aligns with the goal of pre-workout supplementation—providing energy and focus without unnecessary distractions. Blood Raz confidently embraces the tartness of raspberry, refusing to compromise on its essence. The flavor awakens your senses, giving you energy even before the workout begins.


  • Bold raspberry tang paired with a balanced sweetness.
  • The intensity of flavor complements the energy-boosting properties of pre-workout supplements.
  • A refreshing departure from more traditional flavors that provides a distinct taste experience.


  • For those who prefer milder flavors, this may be perceived as overly tart.
  • The robustness of the Raspberry profile may not appeal to all palates.
  • This might be limiting for those not particularly fond of raspberries.

Best Intense Bucked Up Flavor: Sour Gummy

The Sour Gummy flavor is a treat for lovers of sour candies. It has a strong sour flavor that is not too overpowering. Its pronounced sourness is harmoniously paired with a sweetness that avoids artificiality and is well-balanced, avoiding overpowering intensity. This flavor is not as sweet as the other two flavors. Notably, the flavor avoids overly sweet notes and any lingering artificial aftertaste, producing a delightful and refreshing experience.

The Sour Gummy flavor makes a strong entrance with its upfront burst of tanginess right from the first sip. This profile skillfully harkens back to the beloved sour and sweet contrast present in gummy candies, conjuring up childhood memories. Each sip offers a complex flavor journey as the initial tartness gradually gives way to a subtler, gummy-like sweetness.

Bucked Up’s Sour Gummy flavor demonstrates the brand’s skill at fusing novelty with usefulness. The vibrant attributes of pre-workout supplements that boost energy perfectly align with the profile’s vibrancy. This unique flavor has the potential to add a dash of nostalgia to the pre-workout routine, adding a layer of enjoyment to the anticipation of an energizing workout session.


  • A deft interplay of sour and sweet flavors creates a dynamic taste experience.
  • Nostalgic appeal, recalling childhood candy indulgences.
  • Provides a refreshing twist on more traditional flavor options.
  • It balances out the energetic nature of pre-workout supplements.


  • The sourness may not appeal to all palates, potentially limiting its appeal.
  • Some people may find the gummy sweetness too artificial.
  • It lacks the level of complexity found in some of the other Bucked Up flavors, like Blood Raz.
  • This could be interpreted as a departure from the usual seriousness of workout supplements.

Best Fruity Bucked Up Flavor: Watermelon

The Watermelon flavor is a revitalizing and fruity option designed for those looking for a pre-workout that not only tastes good; it also has lower caffeine content compared to Blood Raz. The sweet watermelon essence is artfully complemented by a subtle tartness, amplifying the overall stimulating effect, and is refreshingly free of excessive artificial notes. Notably, the flavor avoids overpowering sweetness and any lingering artificial aftertaste, resulting in a harmonious blend of sweet and tart that appeals to watermelon fans.

The Watermelon flavor is very unambiguous and faithfully recreates the succulent and ripe character of the fruit after which it is named. It has the sweetest taste of the flavors on this list. The journey begins with a refreshing burst of watermelon, perfectly capturing the delicate sweetness inherent in the fruit’s natural sugars. This flavor profile embodies simplicity, providing a welcoming and light experience to the palate.

Bucked Up’s Watermelon flavor exemplifies the company’s unwavering commitment to authenticity. The flavor profile blends with the energizing properties associated with pre-workout supplements, ensuring that the taste matches the workout experience. It imparts a subtle yet refreshing flavor that complements workouts while leaving a trail of refreshment.


  • An accurate representation of the flavor of fresh watermelon.
  • This flavor is lighter and more palatable.
  • Ideal for those who prefer subtlety without sacrificing vigor.
  • Complements the energetic properties of pre-workout supplements easily.


  • It may be perceived as overly simple compared to more complex flavor profiles.
  • Those looking for a bolder flavor experience may be disappointed.
  • Watermelon flavor can sometimes border on artificial in certain formulations.
  • It is up against a slew of other fruit-inspired flavors.

Features to Consider When Choosing a Bucked Up Flavour

Choosing the right flavor of a Bucked Up pre-workout supplement requires a combination of personal preference and practical considerations. Here are the key factors to consider when deciding:

Taste Preference

Take your palate’s taste preferences into account. Are you more drawn to fun flavors like the Sour Gummy or prefer more assertive ones like the Blood Raz, which has raspberry as one of its key notes? The Watermelon might be your choice if you value simplicity and authenticity. Your taste preferences and the type of flavor experience you are looking for ultimately determine which option you should go with.

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Performance Fit

Consider how the flavor fits with your optimal workout routine. Does the flavor’s potency match the pre-workout supplements’ qualities of boosting energy? With its strong raspberry tang, a flavor like Blood Raz may go well with strenuous exercise, while Sour Gummy’s balanced, enjoyable profile may inject some fun into your routine. The energizing undertone of the Watermelon flavor is ideal for those who value subtlety without sacrificing vigor.

Novelty vs. Familiarity

Consider whether you tend to gravitate toward familiar tastes or are willing to try something new. With its candy-inspired notes, the Sour Gummy flavor changes the usual options while evoking nostalgia. On the other hand, the flavors, Watermelon, and Blood Raz capture specific features of their respective fruits and combine familiarity with a hint of novelty.

Complexity vs. Simplicity

Consider the complexity of flavors that you prefer. Blood Raz offers a blend of tanginess and sweetness if you like complex flavors. The Watermelon flavor offers a genuine and straightforward experience for those who value simplicity and authenticity. The Sour Gummy successfully balances an initial sourness with a developing sweetness.

Your Caffeine Tolerance

Caffeine content varies among Bucked Up flavors, ranging from 200 to 300mg per serving. Choose a flavor with a lower caffeine content, like the watermelon flavor, if you are sensitive to caffeine. If you do not react negatively to caffeine, you might want to pick a flavor that contains more for a stronger energy boost.

Use with Other Products

Think about how your flavor might go well with other products you use. Can you mix it with your post-workout shakes or dietary supplements? Some flavors may complement some ingredients more naturally than others, enhancing your overall supplement regimen.

Dietary Sensitivities

Any dietary restrictions or sensitivities you may have should be considered. To avoid any allergens or ingredients, check the ingredient list. Make sure the flavor you choose is suitable for your dietary requirements.

Long-Term Preference

Consider whether the flavor you choose will continue appealing over time. A flavor might be alluring initially. However, will it stay that way after several servings? Choose a flavor you are confident will continue to be a top pick as your supplement regimen develops.

Man drinking from his orange tumbler while sitting down on an exercise equipment

Feedback and Reviews

Finally, read customer testimonials and comments about the flavors you are debating. Real-world experiences can offer perceptions of each flavor’s effectiveness, overall satisfaction, and taste.

Flavor ProfilePerformance FitNovelty vs. FamiliarityCaffeine Content
Blood RazBold raspberry tang with a balanced sweetnessEnergizing intensity suits intense workouts.Offers familiarity with a unique twist on raspberry.300mg of Caffeine
Sour GummyTangy and sour up front, transitioning to sweetness.Playful character adds a motivational edge.A departure from conventional flavors.200mg of Caffeine
WatermelonAuthentic watermelon taste with a delicate sweetness.Subtle, refreshing taste complements various workout styles.Strikes a balance between familiarity and novelty.200 mg of Caffeine

Are the Flavors Overly Sweet or Artificial?

The flavor profiles differ to accommodate different tastes. While Sour Gummy offers a fun balance of sour and sweet, some people might find the artificial candy resemblance off-putting. Watermelon emphasizes authenticity and captures the authentic flavor of the fruit. The bold raspberry flavor of Blood Raz is present without being overly sweet.

Can I Mix These Flavors With Other Supplements or Shakes?

These flavors can be combined with other whey protein shakes or supplements, yes. Your taste preferences and preferred pairings largely determine their suitability for certain recipes. Many users experiment with flavor blending to identify complementary combinations. To determine how the flavors interact, start with a smaller quantity and then tinker with the ratios to suit your tastes.

Are These Flavors Suitable for Individuals With Dietary Restrictions?

Although these flavors are designed to offer various flavor options, you should use caution if you have dietary restrictions. Always carefully read the ingredient lists to check for any potential allergens or ingredients you should avoid. By doing this, you can ensure that the flavor you select complies with your dietary requirements and restrictions and promotes a secure and pleasurable eating experience.


Bucked Up offers over 20 different flavors. Selecting the flavor that is best for you is crucial because every flavor has a different set of advantages and disadvantages. Bucked Up is a fantastic pre-workout supplement that can help you get the most out of your workouts, regardless of the flavor you select. 

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